RotaryClubCharities.Org© facilitates fundraising for projects and programs created and managed by Rotary Clubs and Districts including local and international projects. All funds net of expenses are devoted to Rotary projects.  The Founder and chief executive has been a Rotarian for over twenty five year. RCC along with the Rotary Clubs and districts it serves observes the ethical practices of Rotary International, one of the worlds premiere service organizations.

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RCC is a division of ValleyCommunityFund. Org (VCF) a New Hampshire corporation designated as a “charity’ by the Internal Revenue Services. To see more details click on About VCF in a separate tab or window to review all details of Charity.

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RotaryClubCharities.Org© which is a collection of projects and activities sponsored by Rotary Clubs which are affiliated with and observe the ethical practices of Rotary International, one of the world’s premiere service organizations.


In addition local clubs and districts can use this site to raise funds from other Rotary members and the broader general public in support of the Rotary Foundation and specific Foundation grant projects. The Foundation is one of the world’s premiere charitable foundations. See When a Rotarian is making a contribution for matching funds for a Global Grant Project be sure to  include your Rotary Club Name and your Rotary ID number. Your ID number can be found on the mailing label for Rotary magazine. It can also be found on your Rotary International website under “my Profile”. Your  Foundation chair can also give you that number.

Please note that while the Rotary  Foundation is itself a government approved charitable 501c3 organizations, Rotary clubs themselves in most cases are not 501c3 organizations, most of their financial support for various activities are activities which are in and of themselves would qualify as 501c3 activities. Accordingly most Rotary clubs do not have individual charitable designation letters from the IRS. RCC  takes the position that the campaigns are for individual activities which qualify for charitable donation deduction status. Part of our review process includes making a judgement in RCC’s sole and absolute discretion about that status. Rotary clubs by engaging VCF to perform its series of activities agrees explicitly to accept VCF’s terms and conditions. Please note that in the case of unusual or unanticipated matters which therefor are not explicitly  described in our written material, RCC takes the position and entities including Rotary clubs accept the concept that VCF’s and its representatives best efforts are a sufficient standard of conduct in resolution of such matters.

The Foundation annually makes total grants in the $250,000,000 range to

  • Promote peace
  • Fight disease
  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Save motherrs and children
  • Support education
  • Grow local economies


Partners: Clubs can use this site and links to other clubs and projects to seek partners to assist with projects and projects to assist with. Clubs seeking partners should make that request in the campaign explanation.